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The packages below are intended as a guide but give you a good idea of the kind of timescales, prices and results you can expect.  

If you're holding an event within your company, you might want to tell those who couldn't come along - or the whole world - about it.  A Corporate Recap Video is a montage of the event set to music, ideal for a social media post or internal news site.  Because there are no sound capture considerations, it can be shot by one person and turned around quickly - keeping costs low.

4K  Run Time: 1 min


Shoot Days: 1   Edit Days: 1



Shoot Days: 1   Edit Days: 1


4K   Run Time: 1 min

You might have a small business that needs a simple introduction to your company.  Or you might have a huge multinational that needs to produce regular content at a price that makes sense.  Either way, professionally-produced corporate videos can be streamlined and shot with care and attention in a short time-span to keep down costs.  

After an initial consultation, I'll come along to your business and shoot interviews so that you have some good spoken content as a foundation.  Then I'll spend the rest of the day shooting 'B-roll' of whatever you like - your office, store, warehouse - my time is yours so whatever you can think of.

I'll do the edit (usually the next day) and there you have it, a corporate video at a fraction of the usual cost.



4K   Run Time: 1 min 30 sec

Shoot Days: 1   Edit Days: 2

Moving up a level from a standard corporate video, the 'Deluxe' will have certain artistic flourishes such as imaginative transitions, imaginative use of text, and abstract use of light and lens selection for an more creative feel than the standard corporate video.

Run time is also extended so that there's more room for content and the overall package is shifted towards an audience that wants to listen rather than the quick hit of a 1 minute video for social media.  



Shoot Days: 2   Edit Days: 3

4K   Run Time: 1 min

Looking for something more edgy and attention-grabbing?  Something memorable you'll be able to share with your audience for many months or even years in the future?  A Social Media Ad could be the way to go.  

With some seriously cool editing techiniques, cinematic-looking shots and a high-end musical score, your Social Media Ad will be tailored to your business putting it front-and-centre on your audiences Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds.  Not only that, it will be good enough to have as your introduction to your business on your websites splash screen. Seriously great value for money.  Let's make something awesome!



4K    Run Time: Approx. 4 min

Shoot Days: 2   Edit Days: 5

Larger corporations in the region will want a more in-depth film describing their business to customers.  A broadcast-standard video that features interviews with the main in-house experts and senior executives, along with stunning aerial and internal footage of their business.

2 cameramen will shoot over the course of two days getting maximum coverage, with an editor taking a week to put together an ultra-professional, informative and involving corporate video to announce your business in the region.

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