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Video editing is an art-form in itself and some would argue the most creative aspect of the video production process.   

People tend to hire me to edit the film I've shot and the advantage of this is that I will be putting together the edit in my head as I shoot.  Already knowing what I've shot (and why) speeds up the editing process as well - a must for social media productions that need to be online as soon as possible. One day turnarounds are not uncommon for event videos that need to hit the 24 hour news cycle.

Alternatively you might have already shot your film.  Here's some if my best examples of editing to show you what I could do with your footage.  Rates are AED2k per day and as a rough guide a quick event recap video without sound mixing can be done in as little as one day.  More complex edits, or edits with sound mixing / dialogue are more involved.


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