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The packages below are intended as a guide but give you a good idea of the kind of timescales, prices and results you can expect.  


Shoot Days: 1   Edit Days: 1


4K   Run Time:  30sec

Whether it's a pop-up or event you'd like coverage of, or a teaser for something up-and-coming with your brand, I can put together a cinematic, beautifully shot film.  I'll come along and shoot for the day or evening, then go ad edit (usually the next day), turning your film around so that you can share as soon as possible on social media. Excellent value for money.



4K   Run Time: 1 min 

Shoot Days: 1   Edit Days: 2

With more flair and a longer time allowed to edit, this is a deluxe version of the Cinematic Short Video and the extra budget is up there on the screen. Adding an interview to provide soundbites, more time to edit means more time for artistic editing flourishes and sound mixing combined with the usual imaginative filming techniques.

Can be used to promote products directly or indirectly through a more subtle narrative.  Price does not include acting talent if required.



Shoot Days: 2   Edit Days: 3

4K   Run Time: 1 min 30sec

If you need your film to have a more in-depth feel, with a story illustrated by multiple locations, the Cinematic Video Ad will give you what you need.  

Extra coverage brings all of the main aspects of the story to your film with no with more time for extra coverage, while the extra time spent editing allows for a more intricate structure, giving the film a short-story feel.  




4K    Run Time: Approx. 4 min

Shoot Days: 2   Edit Days: 5

A full blown short-story that can be used to drive traffic to your website, or entail subtle product placement.

The shoot is over a couple of days, with a week allowed to do the edit which is longer and involves an intricate sound mix.  The end result is good enough for TV broadcast and can be provided in 4k if required.

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